Improving Local Search Engine Marketing with Business Reviews

Our team is now creating a new social media marketing campaign to help some local businesses grow their internet social presence. Our team will implement this through submitting and posting Business Reviews and private reviews of salespeople who are on the job at these organizations. We will submit these reviews as part of a network system that is being particularly made for local online search market places.

The business establishments the team is going to be supporting are in Maplewood, Minneapolis, Minnesota and Inver Grove Heights, Cottage Grove, MN .

Because these businesses are essentially more trained on their home town business markets, I will be sprinkling key phrases within the business reviews, pages and posts that apply a lot more to the small, local search market places. As an example: A few of the key phrases we will be using are “Maplewood, Minneapolis, MN” and Toyota Dealers Minneapolis.

The goal of this long-tail keyword marketing project will be to have the company’s listing for the important long tail key phrases spotted at minimum- five indexed positions higher on the SERP pages in a period of thirty days.

Want training on how to do this? Contact us today.


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