Used Cars – Post 2 – Continued Keyword SEO Project

Last month, our team began developing the keyword used cars mn. Our group will now tackle a similar keyword phrase of Used Cars for a vehicle dealer in St. Paul, Minnesota. With the onset of the keyword phrase promotion (Jan 8/2015) this past month, there was no main keyword positioning indexed in any Google Search Results for the above particular main keyword. (The keyword first appeared at spot 218 in the middle of January.)

In the last month of Jan 2015, fifty-eight snippets of content have been circulated within our structure of social marketing sites. Outside of announcing the specific approach we use to post to our network of web sites, I will share one thing – the key word above was not used in the total number of the circulated content posts. Similar keyword terms were released so the process makes it appear more like ordinary back link growth.

The keyword phrase above was again checked on February 18, 2015 in the Google Search Results Pages and is currently appearing at the 104 spot position.

Currently through the month of February, I will go on to publish snippets of content to our pool of social marketing websites and grow our structure or network of internet marketing sites.

If you want further guidance or training about using this social media program or business marketing skill, please contact us or visit our web site.


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