buying decision process

Buyer Resistance Sales Training Tip

All Customers Make 5 Purchasing Choices

Selling skills analysis by conducted on more than 350,000 professional sales people has discovered that resistance from the customer does not start with what salespeople present. It is generated when the salesperson is out of line with the process of how nearly all customers buy.

Millions of people that sell fail to discern that most customers are making 5 successive buyer judgements. These judgements are made in the order as listed below:

Salesperson – Company – Product – Price – Time to Buy

Moreover, sales individuals do not handle their customer presentations with the plan of following in sync with these five buyer decisions.

The person doing the buying will use explanations not to follow through with a buy if the sales offering is out of alignment with the customer’s buying decisions. To increase likelihood of successful sales, people in sales must manage the customer facing presentation to be in tune with the buyer-decision progression of the consumer. If this is targeted, people in the sales profession will be able to sell the customer entirely through each and every point of the purchasing decision and at the close, earn agreement for a sale.


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