Unhurried Solid Gains, From #76 to #26 on Google search results page

Our TeamPost social media marketing campaigns are focused on obtaining page one keyword indexing in the Google SERPs for a business training firm. I am working with the TeamPost Social Marketing System to accomplish this.

This campaign is focused on the keyword Sales – Training and had begun May 2014. At this stage the keyword had been located at number 76 on Google search results page.

Currently as I write this, the keyword is indexed at number 26 on Google search results page. This report is the launch of the third sequence of publishing to my site network. In our estimation, there probably will be two to three added iterations of publishing before acquiring a page one indexing on the Google search results.

The deliberate and regular improvement we have been acquiring with this campaign’s keyword term is a promising clue that the TeamPost Social Marketing system is working as planned. My time with the system also hints that deliberate and regular improvement is favorable and when top location is realized, the keyword term will probably keep the location with nominal servicing for a while.

Furthermore I am focusing on 1 additional keyword term for the business training company that is gaining meaningful progress related to being elevated in a Google SERP. The keyword is: Selling Skill.

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