The Sales Board – Training Programs within the Sales Training Category

The Sales Board is a esteemed sales training company that began in the early part of 1990 by Mr. Duane Sparks, who originated the sales training system called Action Selling.

As a sales related company that presents a business training program, the company is dedicated to serving as the undeniable influential foundation of productive or innovative training relevant to selling of products or services.

With a precise analysis to the soundness of The Sales Board’s Action Selling sales system, sales skills teaching and the sales achievements and records of more than 300,000 sales people, the corporation re-designed an existing web site as a comprehensive selling skills training learning site that improves the professional sales market as well as increases the capacity for people in sales to become extremely successful at selling.

Look at more content concerning Action Selling at the sales training site.

Special Note: The Sales Board above, a business to business training organization is presently working on Social Media Marketing Campaigns and is using the TeamPost Social Marketing Plan to distribute this news. Discover how your company could accomplish this also.


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